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chairmanI felt a great reluctance in me, when I was told to write a Founders Message.

This is not for want of what to write, but for the fact that my wife and self are not the Founder of King’s Anchor College. (KAC)The Foundation of this College, is God, hence the name and Motto ‘In God we Trust’. KAC is a Christian co-educational College with full respect and understanding for believers in other faith.

The History of KAC, is simply a conviction by my wife and self, to in our own modest way, contribute positively to the growth of the Educational system in Nigeria. We both acknowledge that a comparison of the training we had in the early 60’s-70’s are no longer available, due to many factors. We therefore decided to be involved in the Total Education of the ones that come our way. We decided that we shall be personally INVOLVED in growth of these students, hence our day to day involvement in the implementation of the curriculum, presentation by the Teachers, a good Environment with up to date facilities in the Science Laboratories and Humanities .

Our Science Laboratories compares favourably with the best of any College in Nigeria today. We have very standard Home Economics/ Home Management Rooms with modern facilities, as well as Fine Art Studios, good Music Room with Equipment.

At KAC, we have full Boarding facilities and all final year students are compulsorily made to stay in-house. This is to build team spirit among the students , preparing them mentally for challenges in the universities, and to ensure full concentration to studies in order to pass the final examinations of WASSCE, once with brilliant grades. Boarding facility is also open to students in other lower classes, by choice.

Students of KAC are involved in any of the following extra –curricula activities, Girls Gide/Boys Scout, Young farmers club, Taekwondo, Dance groups etc. Our complete curriculum is designed to target self growth, and functional individuals in the future.

If your desire is to have your child educated in a serene environment, fully supervised by the Founders who have a dream of giving back to the Society the Total Education required for success in life, look no further, just come to KAC.

We look forward to having a chat with you.

Click HERE to see KAC Street View from Satellite. 

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