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A child, male or female, aged between 9-10 years old, who has completed Primary School (or its equivalent in any other foreign country) is eligible to write the Entrance examination into the JSS1 in the College.

The college, though built on Christian foundation, does not discriminate in its admission policy, as students of other religious beliefs are allowed to practice their faith.

Presently, the Examination form sells for N5,000.00 only, which is subject to review.

Entrance examination into JSS1, usually takes place between April and JULY EACH YEAR, with supplementary fixed as may be necessary.

Each student writing examination into JSS1 shall be tested on Mathematics, English Language and General paper, consisting of Science , Social studies and General current Affairs. On scoring 60% and above, the successful student proceeds to the Oral interview stage.

The examination commencement and conclusion takes a full day from 8 am.

For transferring students into JSS2 , the student shall obtain the application form, writes the Entrance examination and oral interview for the purpose of admission.

In addition, the transferring student in the junior school, will submit all transcript/records from the previous school. Student transferring from schools in Lagos State must also submit their SPIN numbers, which is readily available, if the former school is an approved secondary School.

The College does not admit students into JSS3 CLASS.

Admission into SS1 from students from other Schools, other than Kings Anchor College, usually takes place between June and August each.

Application form and process is same as in other levels, except that examinations questions for entrance into SS1, shall be based on an upgraded JSS3 final examination, while admission into SS2, shall be based on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and two subjects from the area of  expected specialization of the student.

The College does not admit student into SS3.

Generally, a successful student is given a provisional admission letter, which includes  a non-refundable deposit, presently N5,000.00 in order to secure a definitive placement. However, the definitive placement expires on the date of College resumption, if the student fails to show up.

On payment of the non-refundable fee, the Term’s bill and list of Books is released to the prospective student.

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